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Curriculum Vitae


As an adaptable Media Production Manager with a diverse international background, I bring to the table a unique blend of commercial acumen, creativity, and strategic leadership. Notably, I founded a successful media production agency in Vietnam, delivering high-impact multimedia campaigns for a global clientele across 45 countries.
I presently lead a creative team at PM-International, a 3 billion Euros food supplement enterprise, managing key media production projects and optimizing business processes.
Proficient in a broad range of pre-production, production, post-production, and publishing tools, I'm positioned to drive innovative content creation. With strong bilingual communication skills and a proven record in multicultural settings, coupled with resilience and creative problem-solving, I am equipped to make significant contributions in dynamic, challenging environments.

My professional journey

As a multicultural French citizen, I am presently based in Luxembourg. My professional journey spans multiple geographies and sectors—initially building a successful 9-year career in jewelry sales and marketing across locations including Tahiti, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. This international exposure fortified my commercial acumen and adaptability, which I applied when I transitioned into media production in 2013.
I founded and spearheaded a media production agency in Vietnam, leading an inventive team of five creative professionals. Together, we executed an array of multimedia campaigns, curating visuals, photographs, and videos for an impressive clientele of 176 high-profile individuals and companies across 43 countries. Our customer-centric approach translated into an exceptional satisfaction rate of 98.7%.
The COVID-19 pandemic, however, imposed unexpected challenges, forcing me to cease operations in Vietnam while I found myself bound by travel restrictions in Europe.
Presently, I channel my expertise into my role as the Media Production Manager for PM-International, a prestigious food supplement enterprise that reported a revenue of 3 billion Euros in 2023. I strategically guide a dedicated team, facilitating the production of diverse, engaging media content that enhances our brand identity.
Applying my proficiency in process optimization, I have successfully developed robust business operations within our media department. This has not only enhanced efficiency but also achieved significant cost reductions. My strategy-oriented approach has been pivotal in boosting our department's performance, ensuring the delivery of high-quality output while upholding fiscal responsibility.

My Professional Experience

PM-International | Media Production Manager | 2022-Present
2022: Joined PM-International and quickly demonstrated my value, leading to a probation period shortened and a promotion within 3 months.
2023: Spearheaded transformative initiatives at PM-International that significantly enhanced our media operations and set a new standard for excellence in media strategy and execution.
Developed a Media Metrics Dashboard, establishing a metrics-driven culture for enhanced decision-making.
Created a comprehensive Mind map of all PMI Media Processes, fostering a process-oriented culture.
Implemented a Project Management System (Coda), streamlining project efficiency and oversight.
Led the development and approval of a 5-year media strategy, aligning with strategic goals and senior leadership expectations.
Built foundational infrastructures (SOPs, MEDIA, IT) to support the 5-year media strategy.
Standardised operations through the formulation and distribution of Media Production Processes.
Enhanced content quality and engagement, fulfilling 495 media requests and achieving over 10 million views in media campaigns.
Promoted team development, resulting in a team member's promotion, reflecting commitment to nurturing talent.
Enzo Creation (Media Production Agency) | Founder & Director | 2013-2020 (8 years)
2013: Earned distinction as the commissioned photographer for renowned 3-star Michelin Chef, Michel Roux, capturing his culinary masterpieces.
2015: Recognized as a preferred photographer for global hospitality brands Accor Hotels and Marriott in the Asia-Pacific region, illustrating my reputation for high-quality visuals.
2018-2020: Led international media production projects that achieved millions of views, partnering with The PGA Tour, The European Tour, Performance 54 (the UK's fastest-growing golf marketing agency), Footjoy (Leading golfing apparel brand), and Golf legends Nick Faldo and Gary Player.
2020-2021: Orchestrated the media production of the inaugural Desert Polo event for the Royal Commission of Alula (an entity of the Saudi Arabian Government). Following the event's success, was re-engaged to manage media production for the 2021 edition.

Software Proficiency

Pre-Production Tools:
Microsoft Office Suite: Skilled in utilizing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for pre-production documentation preparation.
Google Suite: Proficient in leveraging Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive for efficient pre-production planning.
Notion: Expert in managing and organizing pre-production tasks using Notion.
Canva: Proficient in creating visually engaging pre-production materials.
Coda.io: Skilled in project management and document creation, facilitating seamless business management and communications.
Production Tools:
Frame.io: Proficient in coordinating production workflows and facilitating team collaboration.
Post-Production Tools:
Adobe Suite: Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition for editing and polishing visual and audio content.
Final Cut Pro: Proficient in video editing and montage creation.
DaVinci Resolve: Expert in high-quality video editing, color correction, and audio post-production.
Unreal Engine: Proficient in generating real-time 3D content.
Fusion: Proficient in creating visual effects, motion graphics, and 3D animations.
Fairlight: Skilled in audio post-production and sound design.
iZotope RX: Proficient in audio restoration, enhancement, and problem-solving.
Publishing Tools:
Canva: Expert in designing visually captivating content for publishing.
WordPress and Squarespace: Skilled in content management and website design for digital publishing.
Google AdWords: Proficient in creating and optimizing advertising campaigns.
Meta Business Suite: Proficient in managing and optimizing social media content across Meta's platforms.

Professional Skills

Pre-Production Skills:
Pitch Creation: Proficient in developing persuasive pitches that secure project buy-ins.
Budget Planning: Skilled in formulating and managing budgets to optimize resources.
Content Planning: Expert in strategizing content to align with audience needs and project goals.
Script Writing: Skilled in crafting engaging scripts that drive storytelling.
Shot Listing: Proficient in pre-visualizing and planning shots to facilitate seamless production.
Team and Actors Management: Expert in coordinating and managing both production teams and talent to maintain harmony and efficiency on set.
Production Skills:
Director: Proficient in guiding all aspects of production to realize the creative vision.
Director of Photography (DP): Skilled in overseeing camera and lighting, ensuring the desired visual aesthetic is achieved.
Camera Operator: Proficient in capturing high-quality footage, adept at various shooting techniques.
Gaffer: Skilled in managing lighting equipment and techniques to create the required ambiance.
Drone Operator: Certified drone operator, skilled in capturing aerial footage for diverse perspectives.
Post-Production Skills:
Photo and Video Editing: Expert in editing and refining visual content to achieve polished final products.
Titles and Animations: Proficient in creating engaging titles and animations that enhance storytelling.
Visual Effects (VFX): Skilled in integrating VFX to enhance the narrative and visual appeal.
Color Grading: Proficient in enhancing the visual mood and tone through color grading.
Sound Mixing: Skilled in blending and refining audio elements to complement visual content.
Publishing Skills:
Content Identity Design: Expert in shaping a distinctive content identity that resonates with the target audience.
Licensing & Copyrighting: Proficient in managing content rights to ensure compliance and safeguard intellectual property.
Web and Social Media Distribution: Skilled in optimizing content for various digital platforms to maximize reach.
Google AdWords and Social Media Advertising Management: Proficient in managing advertising campaigns to increase visibility and engagement.

Personal Skills & Achievements

Meticulous Attention to Detail: Adopts an OCD-like focus to ensure excellence in every aspect of work.
High-Stress Tolerance: Demonstrates extreme resilience under high-stress situations, ensuring optimal performance under pressure.
Creative Problem-Solving: Utilizes an innovative approach to effectively address and resolve complex challenges.
Bilingual Communication: Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills in French and English, allowing effective engagement in multicultural settings.
Multicultural Experience: Proven track record in thriving within diverse cultural environments, fostering positive relationships and collaboration.
Proactive Independence: Extremely self-driven, demonstrating initiative and independence in achieving tasks and meeting objectives.
Noteworthy Personal Achievements:
Dived 32 meters deep with famed free-diver Jacques Mayol at the tender age of 8.
Conquered the summit of Dome Des Ecrins (4015m) with my dad at just 9 years old.
Reigned as Tahiti go-kart champion for four consecutive years, showcasing competitive spirit and determination.
Reached a golf handicap of 4.4 in just 14 months, underscoring a true passion and dedication for the sport.
Tested endurance and resilience through 3 Muay Thai ring fights.
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